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There are around 150 higher education institutions in the UK in 2021. If your child decides university is the route for them, it is difficult to know where to start and what you should be looking for.

That’s where Propella comes in. We cut through the jargon and let you compare all the available options based on the things that matter most to you, and your child, such as location, post-graduate employability, student satisfaction, future salary and much more.


Is your child looking for an alternative to a traditional university degree or the workplace? Apprenticeships offer a varied route for thousands of young people each year to work, learn and earn qualifications, all while getting paid.

Propella explains the different types of apprenticeships on offer and their requirements. Use our tool to compare starting salary, future earning potential, industry availability, degree apprenticeships and much more.

What people say about us

“I found this tool really informative and a great “one stop” site to answer the many questions our teenagers have at this stage of making future study choices.”

Rachael Bessinger

“What a genuinely fantastic tool. I was concerned that my outdated experience of entering university in the 1990’s bore no resemblance to my children’s experience and really welcome this easily assessable wealth of up to date knowledge of the university ‘market place’ right now.”

Sian Trimming

Help your child to fly.

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