Where do you get the data?

Our data comes from a multitude of sources. The data sources for Propella’s tools include: the Government’s data on employment and apprenticeship; Office of Students on student success; Government data (such as HESA and LEO data); we use an API from Numbeo for cost of living data; and we share The Pay Index’s professional and executive data library for real-time salary and earnings information. Some universities such as University of Cambridge and University of Oxford are missing from a couple of the reports, as data from the Office for Students requires over 50% of a student body to return survey results for it to be included both these universities did not reach the threshold.  Where possible we have incorporated data from complementary sources.

How often is the tool updated?

There are several different reputable sources that we collate within Propella, generating over 2 milllion unique pieces of data. We use these sources to update our tool as regularly as new data is released, usually every quarter but some of our reports are updated daily or weekly. That is why we recommend coming back to visit us regularly to make sure you are acting on the most recent information.

Is there a monthly / annual fee?

No! Once you have signed-up to Propella and paid the one-time fee, you will have unlimited lifetime access to the tool.

Can I use Propella with my child?

Yes! We absolutely recommend using Propella with your child. Sitting down together and using our tool to weigh up and compare the different options will be very helpful in their decision making process. That said, you can also use the tool alone, as a way of educating yourself about all of the pathways and financial options on offer.

How long will I have access to Propella?

Once you have paid the one-time access fee, you will have unlimited lifetime access to Propella.

Can I use Propella on my desktop / mobile?

Propella’s website is fully responsive and our tool is compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop devices. If you are having any issues viewing or using Propella, please let us know by contacting us here.

Why haven’t I heard of Propella before?

Probably because we’re a very new tool! We only launched in Spring 2021. We’re hoping to expand and become much more widely known. If you’ve found Propella useful, please do recommend us to your friends and family!

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