Our Story

Propella was designed and built to help parents guide their children as they make important decisions about their futures. Many parents will still be relying upon their own experiences, which may be over 30 years out of date! 

From my own experience as a father of teenagers, I felt my knowledge was incomplete, out-of-date, and so largely useless in offering advice to them when they were making these crucial decisions. 

For instance, new university courses have been introduced for today’s digital economy; university rankings have changed; student finance is very different; and the apprenticeship frameworks have almost evolved beyond recognition!

Propella is the solution. It provides you and your child with an easy-to-use interactive tool to explore and compare universities, apprenticeships, and student finance. 

I really hope you and your child find Propella useful. I know having access to a tool like this would have saved me a lot of worry! 

Remember, we are constantly updating the data behind our tools, so do come back and visit us regularly.

Best wishes, 

James Rust
Founder of Propella

Propella is the brainchild of The Pay Index. A company dedicated to showing how transparency around salary and employment data can enable individuals to make the right career and educational choices.  

The Pay Index expanded its original pay transparency and employability tool from the professional and corporate world into the education space, by providing bespoke data visualisation tools for schools, colleges, business schools and universities. Through consultation and analysis The Pay Index recognised that there was no simple way for parents to accurately model the various pathways open to their children after they leave school. 

With access to over 20 million unique pieces of data, Propella provides interactive reports that explain, and explore, the world of apprenticeships, university and student finance. You can find out more about The Pay Index here.

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